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Music review: The Offspring - Ixnay on the hombre

Here it is! My first music review! :D

Ok, for those who don't know, The Offspring has been in the music business since 1987 (or something like that), and they have some really popular albums like Smash or Americana, but this my friends, is a really freaking good album.

Let's start with Disclaimer, sort of an intro with a little punk rythm, i believe that Jello Biafra made the vocals here; anyway, it's a solid start for an album.

Then the album really begins, The Meaning Of Life is your standard punk rock song with some lyrics about being an individual and not sticking to the it cliche or classic, the song delivers.

The third track is Mota, which describes the average day of your fellow stoner and how he got trolled; the song itself has a serious tone and one of the classic Offspring riffs.

Then comes Me and My Old Lady...not really special here, it's more like a standard rock tune with some whiney vocals from Dexter Holland, not really interesting but a solid rock song.

Cool To Hate, the track for every teenager (and some office workers). The song is very simple, yet powerful. Things like "Liking something's just a waste of time,Yeah I hate everything, I even hate you too, So f*** you" makes you think what were these guys thinking? or if a 12 year old wrote this song XD but surprisingly, it's a very good song that became sort of a classic for a few years.

This is where things get kinda serious, Leave It Behind, Gone Away and I Choose are songs mostly about personal feelings, like the loss of someone, or the emptiness in life. I dare to say that Gone Away is one of the best punk rock songs ever made, even if it sounds like a "ballad" or a "sad song"

Aaahhh! The Intermission! I dont know how or why this song is here, but i think it fits the album perfectly.

After the intermission, things get pretty fast, All I Want and Way Down The Line are your catchy-as-f*** punk rock songs: Fast and under 3 minutes, and both have some good guitar riffs.

Don't Pick It Up is like an attempt to make another punk ska song (like What Happened To You in Smash), that gets kinda boring after a few listens, but it's under 2 minutes, so i'm ok with that.

The album finishes with Amazed, another song with a dark atmosphere and Change The World, a punk rock song that starts slow, but after a little while gets full speed with the classic punk drum beat and the fast guitar riffs.

Overall, a really good, solid album with a lot of variety. Maybe it doesnt have the ultra popular singles that we're used tu, but hell, here's a lot of good music.

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  1. The Offspring has always been one of my favourites bands.

    Really enjoyed that review. :)

  2. nice job dude. j'apprendrais l'espagnol en visitant ton blog.

  3. Damn, I always love finding new punk bands. Will definitely be checking this out, thanks hombre.

  4. great review, keep it up!

  5. Nice review. Will check out some of their stuff.

  6. Nice review bro. Offspring is one of my favourite bands too :)

  7. Both disclaimer and intermission are on ALL my ipod playlists. They're just too priceless to pass up.

    Love this album.

  8. nice review, looking forward to reading more

  9. This is the first album I ever bought on CD. One of their best overall albums. Cool To Hate makes me feel stabby.

  10. I've always enjoyed teh Offspring, but I've never actually bought an album of theirs before...

  11. Never bought any of their CDs, I feel bad for not doing so...

  12. This album is killer. I've been listening to The Offspring for forever it seems like.

  13. Muy bueno el analisis, me encanta este grupo!

  14. Pretty solid review, they are a great band.