lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

The best

Ok, who do you think is the best? My vote goes to Leo Messi

Fire starters, the best ones?

Well, I consider myself a fan of pokemon so it was expected to write something about the game.

Siempre he pensado que el mejor starter es el de fuego, tal vez el principio del juego se vuelve mas dificil porque casi siempre el fuego no es lo ideal para el primer gimnasio, pero a la larga se vuelve muy util.

 I always thought that the  fire starter is the best, perhaps the beginning of the game becomes more difficult because usually the fire is not ideal for the first gym, but eventually it becomes very useful.
For example, Pokemon Pearl / Diamond only has 2 fire pokemon in the game ... 2 POKEMON FIRE THROUGHOUT THE GAME. That already is a big plus if you decide to use the fire starter.
Apart from all the mechanics of the game, fire pokemon are the most badass, amirite?
Perhaps i could blog more reviews of things that maybe only I like, or awesome things that everyone likes. What do you think?


Tal vez podria bloggear mas reviews de cosas que tal vez solo a mi me gustan, o de cosas awesome que a todos les gustan, que opinan?

Super Mario RPG: My review

This gem was passing so unnoticed when it was out there in the SNES in 1994, I still remember when I left school and went to a friend's house to play. We did not care that it was 1 single player, the story was so well done that with just watch, would spend hours entertaining.

The story is this: one day as any, Bowser decides to kidnap Princess Peach and, as usual, Mario goes to rescue her.

Once you get your first mission, something strange happens. For some unknown reason, falls from the sky a sword in the castle of Bowser, damaging the Star Road and scattering 7 stars. So your new mission is to know who that that dude that fell from the sky and recover the stars.

Perhaps the concept may be corny, but the story really sucks you, plus the characters are the best there is, Mallow, a frog that does not seem frog? Geno, a stuffed toy that comes to life to find the stars? Bowser, which lets you join the Koopa Troops (or something)? this game brings everything, even a small flashback to 1989.

The best part? That was made between Nintendo and Square Soft (then), so the best of the RPGs are included, even a little cameo of a super boss of Final Fantasy 4.

Super Mario RPG: Mi reseña

Esta joya no paso tan desapercibida cuando estuvo por ahi de 1994 en el SNES; todavia me acuerdo cuando salia de clases e iba a casa de un amigo a jugarlo. No nos importaba que fuera de 1 solo jugador, la historia estaba tan bien hecha que con tan solo ver, quedabas horas entretenido.

La historia es la siguiente: un dia como cualquiera, Bowser decide raptar a la princesa Peach y, como de costumbre, Mario va a rescatarla.

Una vez que logras tu primera mision, algo extraño sucede. Por alguna razon desconocida, cae del cielo una espada en el castillo de Bowser, dañando el Star Road y esparciendo 7 estrellas. Asi que tu nueva mision es saber quien ese ese wey que cayo del cielo y recuperar las estrellas.

Tal vez el concepto este un poco choteado, pero la historia realmente te absorbe, ademas los personajes son de lo mejor que hay; Mallow, una rana que NO parece rana? Geno, un muñeco de juguete que vuelve a la vida para buscar las estrellas? Bowser, que te deja unirte a su Koopa Troopa (o algo asi)? La neta padre es que este juego trae de todo, hasta un pequeño flashback a 1989.

Lo mejor de todo? Que fue hecho entre Nintendo y Square Soft (en ese entonces), asi que lo mejor de los RPGs estan incluidos, hasta un pequeño cameo de un super boss de Final Fantasy 4.

Lo recomiendo al 100%